PA Innovation Matters Report Offers Critical Questions for Leaders

The 2017 PA Innovation Matters Report offers some great data, a framework for innovation, insight on innovation design, culture and networks and the key beliefs of successful innovation leaders. The critical questions leaders should be asking themselves and their organization, according to the report, are:

  • Have we identified and evaluated the best sources of innovation from outside our organisation? The right mechanisms are needed to recognise and engage with potential partners and identify your organisation’s ideal role in the ecosystem.
  • Are we clear on our partnership model? There are multiple potential partnership models, and it is essential to plan for how these will develop  over time for your organisation.
  • Do we make sufficient allowances for adapting rules and processes to align with these new ways of working? Rigid reporting structures and budget approvals can limit creativity and stifle innovation when operating in these new agile networks of external partnerships.

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