UK Government Project Delivery Standard Launched

The purpose of the 2017 government project delivery standard is to set expectations for the direction and management of portfolios, programmes and projects ensuring value for money and the successful, timely and cost effective delivery of government policy and business objectives.

The nine principles behind the standard are:

  1. delivery objectives are aligned to government policy and organisational objectives;
  2. continuing business justification to confirm benefits can be realised and risks managed within the organisation’s risk appetite, and that unjustified work is terminated;
  3. governance, management frameworks and controls are proportionate and appropriate to the work and the level of prevailing risk;
  4. accountabilities and responsibilities are defined, mutually consistent and traceable across all levels of management;
  5. experience and lessons are captured, shared and used to promote future performance improvement;
  6. work is appropriately defined, planned, monitored and controlled, and quality actively managed to maximise the likelihood of success. Defined working methodologies are tailored for use accordingly;
  7. outcomes and enabling outputs will meet the need and be validated by stakeholders;
  8. work is undertaken in multi-disciplinary teams and is assigned to people who have the required capability and capacity;
  9. the transition of capabilities to operations is planned and programme or project closure managed, with ongoing operational responsibilities agreed and accepted.

Whilst anyone not familiar with the jargon of projects and programmes may struggle with the principles, the Standard itself is well-written and relatively easy to contextualise which means it has a good chance of at least going someway towards realising the objectives of its author, Robert Buttrick: “to professionalise the civil service so we all have a common understanding of the why and the what.”

The Standard itself, along with a couple of useful supporting documents, videos and Powerpoint decks is available in the library of the dedicated Project Delivery Standards knowledge community on the KHUB platform, which also hosts the Major Projects Knowledge Community.

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