APM Research Summary Series

The Association for Project Management (APM) Research Summary Series provides practitioner-friendly summaries drawn from published articles from the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM).

Why was the APM Research Summary Series created?

In 2014-15 APM conducted a research consultation to establish the main challenges and opportunities faced by key stakeholder groups. One of the three main priority areas focused on disseminating cutting-edge research for practitioners.

It was appreciated that a large body of research already existed but often the formats, length and language was impenetrable to non-academics. It was therefore agreed that APM could assist in repurposing selected articles in order to help meet practitioner needs.

What does APM hope to achieve from the summary series?

By repurposing the research it will reach new audiences, potentially enhancing research impact and encourage interest in the original paper from practitioners and students alike. The series begins with five summarised research articles, which will be added to on a regular basis to create a growing resource.

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