Major Projects Knowledge Hub Data Working Group

The MPKH Data Working Group (DWG) has been set up to develop the requirement for datasets from major projects as part of their learning legacy.  What data should be collated from major projects, what format should the data be shared in, are there any information security issues with collation of this data?

Attendees cover a mix of skills and interests including academics interested in research data and educational material, consultants interested in data analytics, legacy projects (TfL and Crossrail 2) and legal representatives, with Crossrail acting as the pilot project.

Two meetings have been held to date focusing on what data we would want to collect and why. Crossrail has already started to undertake this work in readiness for the handover of content to TfL and has created a list of all datasets that it holds.  This list has been reviewed by the meeting attendees to identify their interest in the content which now forms the start of the dataset requirements.

Crossrail’s work to transfer this data to TfL and their consideration to make it public has provided some real insight into some of the issues faced such as format, potential cost of cleaning data (particularly in light of the new GDPR requirements and consequences) and legacy ownership.  Discussions are ongoing about how their data can be shared with MPKH however the emergence of Crossrail International is raising some question regarding legacy ownership.

The next meeting in February will be discussing the principles of legacy ownership of data, licensing and rights of use.  I3P will share their experiences from sharing of innovation.  Beale Legal and Arcadis are providing expert legal advice and Crossrail and Crossrail 2 will be in attendance providing a project perspective.

Subsequent meetings will discuss information security issues and data storage. For more information or to join the group, contact Major Projects Knowledge Hub Manager, Jonathan Norman.

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