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What insight does your organization already produce that you could share with the Major Projects Knowledge Hub?

News shares

News stories involving your ORGANIZATION that involve stage-gates in the delivery of a major project or describe lessons learned and insights drawn from the project.

Shared insight

Case studies, data and statistics, good practice documents, technical or research papers, videos are all formats that we seek to capture and share, if they provide insight into the experience of major projects. You can share individual documents, using our share your knowledge feature or, if you have a resource base of multiple documents that you would like us to share, contact Jonathan Norman who will organise this for you.

Make sure your biggest projects are vehicles for learning and innovation. Follow the lead of organizations such as Crossrail or the Olympic Delivery Authority to share the intellectual and technical legacy of your work. Simply click on share your knowledge to share how the lessons from your projects can be applied to the world of major projects. We curate as well as publishing content in MPKH, which means that, if you prefer, you can provide us with an abstract and a link to your work and we’ll connect people to it in that way.

Organizational thought leadership

Take on a digital scrapbook for the Major Projects Knowledge Hub. Work with us over six months or a year to curate and publish a page a month into your scrapbook aroud a single theme; add in video or events to specific pages to take the knowledge sharing to another level.

PERSONAL insight

Sharing is a personal as well as an institutional activity. Why not sign up as a Major Projects Knowledge Hub Guest blogger for a month and use the four or five posts that this represents to explore a single theme from multiple perspectives?

PERSONAL experience

Louise WorsleyHow about submitting your own ‘Project Inheritance Tracks’? Basically the answer to two questions in no more than three minutes: 1. what piece of advice did you receive earlier in your career that had a big influence on you? and 2. what piece of advice would you like to share with the next generation of project managers?  We can record these with you face-to-face or via Zoom or, if you prefer, simply record your own using your phone or laptop and send us the MP4 file to top and tail and upload to the site. Check the ‘Project Inheritance Track’ examples on the website to see how it’s done.

For more information on any of these ideas or to discuss ideas of your own, contact Knowledge Hub Manager, Jonathan Norman.

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