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With our growing programme of activities and events, alongside the original knowledge repository, there are plenty of ways in which you can coordinate your activities to collaborate with the Hub:

Simple social

Social following and sharing is straightforward …

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Institutional sharing

Provide a link to from your internal technical library, intranet or other corporate reference point and encourage your project managers to check out relevant insight as part of their preparation for a new project. Make a point of highlighting a piece of insight at the start or (a) development event(s) or ask a member of the project team to choose a piece for them to present at the event.

Ensure you are a learning organisation – encourage project teams to explore the current best practice in the MPKH before confirming plans; making changes or as part of their standard problem-solving routines.

Circulate our monthly newsletter via your intranet or social channels such as Yammer.



For more information on any of these ideas or to discuss ideas of your own, contact Knowledge Hub Manager, Jonathan Norman.

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