Major Projects Knowledge Hub Masterclasses

Our masterclass videos capture the monthly video interview we undertake with someone from the world of major projects, knowledge management or complex systems and are designed to bring you a mix of new ideas, insights and an springboard to find out more.

Ed Hoffman, our first ever Masterclass interviewee was Chief Knowledge Officer at NASA for many years and shared his insight on managing knowledge in organizations and on major projects.

The interview with author, blogger and project manager, Elizabeth Harrin, explored knowledge sharing in project communities and her experience as a working woman in project management.

Chris Collison revealed the secrets of learning within projects; how to capture, store, reuse and connect knowledge for the benefit of the current team, the team that will follow them and the organization itself.

Kelvin McGrath of Meeting Quality explained how his organization uses a metric for project health that is based on the quality of the relationship and interractions of project team members and stakeholders.

Professor Joanne Roberts of the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, turned project knowledge management on its head with this highly original look at what organization’s don’t know.

John Hovell, CEO and Founder of STRATactical discussed the demographic timebomb, whether it exists and what risks it presents to project organizations; different techniques to harvest knowledge from experienced project team members before they leave the business; how to manage knowledge across the whole stakeholder circle and the skills associated with the new networked, knowledge-based project enterprise.

Knowledge management guru, David Gurteen, introduced the concept of ‘conversational leadership’ – both a management style and a series of techniques, including knowledge cafĂ©, that are an important part of working in an uncertain, complex and shifting project

Todd C. Williams explained what value could and should the executive sponsor bring to a project? How can project managers deal with different problems associated with sponsorship: the absent sponsor, the sponsor with conflicting priorities and the unrewarded sponsor. Plus the six execution gaps in project delivery and how executive sponsors can address them.

Over the course of the 20 minute interview, Stan Garfield explained how to design a knowledge management strategy for projects; how to build management support; how to establish, develop and sustain the program.

Paul Bradley explained an approach to career planning for project, programme and portfolio managers that is being used by Qinetiq to transform their delivery capability. How individuals can progress within a function such as project controls or how they can move between functions in a Z career path. The value this new approach has, both to employees and to the business and how they are supporting it with a 70/20/10 model for training and development.

Nekkhil Mishra of IPA Global explored data analytics: the business case for sharing; the tools and techniques; data credibility and security; data ownership and the future of analytics.

Author, consultant and speaker, Dan Pontefract, covers a huge range of ideas in this masterclass interview: how the call for employees to do ‘more for less’ is ultimately counter-productive; the importance of purpose in projects; the real nature of stakeholders and the role of leaders.

Martin Paver of Projecting Success explains what data analytics means in practice and what it looks like; the importance of use cases; data sharing; data ownership and security; how to get started and how to achieve senior management buy-in.

Kristen Cox, Executive Director in the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget for the US State of Utah, talks about how projects are delivered in the context of US local government. She introduces the work of Eli Goldratt (The Goal, Critical Chain) and explains how she and her team deliver services to citizens in an environment that is often financially challenging.

Contact Jonathan Norman, Knowledge Hub Manager, if you would like to be interviewed for a Major Projects Knowledge Hub Masterclass.


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