2018 in Review


2018 – the stats

Eighteen months on from launch, let’s take a look at where the Major Projects Knowledge Hub has got to in 2018. What did we achieve and what do the stats look like?

As you can see, our registered user numbers grew by 37% and our visitor numbers by around 45%. Registered members of our Facebook Group and our Linkedin followers grew by similar numbers.

And the knowledge repository has grown to include over 900 pieces of insight from major projects of all kinds.

The launch of the new version of the Hub in October contributed significantly to this growth as did our activity throughout the year. During the year we collaborated with a whole range of organizations in the major projects space including, the Association for Project Management, Bentley Systems, the ICE’s Project 13, i3P and QUBE to deliver:

One Knowledge Management Meet-Up, hosted by Moorhouse Consulting

One Major Projects Association half-day seminar on knowledge management, hosted by HS2

Two Major Projects Knowledge Hub Live Events, hosted by Bentley Systems

Two Virtual Project Knowledge Management workshops, in collaboration with QUBE

Two Digital Scrapbooks launched

Four Knowledge Management campaigns, the latest on Wellbeing

Four Major Projects Knowledge Hub Working Group Meetings

Eight MPKH Masterclass Interviews

Eleven Project Inheritance Track video interviews

and much, much more.

2019 – the plans

We have plenty planned for 2019. We’ll shortly be announcing our events and activities programme for 2019 to include:

Four MPKH Live Events

Six QUBE@Work virtual workshop events

One Knowledge Management Meet-Up

OneĀ Social MeetUp for Knowledge Leads and Major Projects Association Ambassadors

Four MPKG Working Group Meetings

Four MPKH Drop In Sessions

One new Digital Scrapbook launch

Three Knowledge Campaigns on Big Data, Diversity and the Major Projects Association’s annual conference

Four Seasonal Project Themes for the Hub

Twelve Masterclass interviews

Twenty Project Inheritance Track interviews

And anything else we can fit in alongside that.




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