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In complex major projects, language is a two-edged sword: it allows us to express uncertainty, variability and ambiguity but at the same time it is prone to mislead, open to unconscious bias and often undermined by our use of jargon.

The language of communication is the fourth of a new Series of bi-monthly facilitated evening workshops on QUBE for the major projects community. We’ll explore how language and grammar enables understanding or encourages disinformation and we’ll play with ideas from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Transational Analysis to help you understand why you feel how you feel in the face of particular messages.

The sessions are designed to encourage you to take away some insight you can use – a technique, an example, a sense of how others do things or simply a confirmation of your own intuitive approach. The sessions will also help you build and extend your professional network as well as develop your skills on collaborating and co-working in a virtual environment.


QUBE @ Work is open to members of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub and Major Projects Association communities.


You’ll need a laptop and a PC, with a set of in-ear headphones and microphone (as you would use for your telephone). Once you have downloaded QUBE we’ll guide you through the process of learning to work through an avatar (your QUBOT) and you’ll be ready to go.

Join us on QUBE for the language of communication on Thursday 15th August!

Further events in the Series

Whilst the precise theme may be subject to change, the dates are now set, so add them to your diary and we’ll keep you posted as each workshop is given a title. Once you are registered on QUBE, there’s no need to re-register, you will be able to go straight into the workshop Qubicle and you meet up with other workshop delegates to pick up on conversations or work you have started, at any time, in between the workshops.

17 October 2019 Framing Success and Failure
12 December 2019 Christmas Review and the Year 2020

What can you expect from QUBE @ Work?

These regular workshop sessions will provide you with an opportunity to explore and develop personal and organizational approaches to working in major projects. We aim to generate an output from each event that you can take back and share with colleagues. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience (and practise your skills) of working in a virtual environment. Finally, this is an opportunity to meet and work collaboratively with your peers from across other major projects.

Questions or suggestions to Jonathan Norman, Manager, Major Projects Knowledge Hub.

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