ZOOM Live: Ending the Blame Culture in Major Projects

Todd Williams, Major Projects Knowledge Hub Guest Blogger during May, is exploring major projects leadership from a variety of angles. One of these is the challenge of the blame culture; the human tendency which, no matter how we set up the project or approach procurement and contracting, seems to drive us inexorably to finger pointing and a culture of ‘us and them’, once the project is under way and particularly when the project comes up against cost, schedule or delivery pressure.

In this one hour online Zoom Live, Todd will be facilitating a discussion, asking and answering questions around the theme of the project blame culture and how to counter it.

Submit your questions in advance or simply come along to ask for advice, contribute to the discussion and learn from one of the most engaging and knowledge project delivery professionals we know.

Check out the series of short video introductions that Todd has shared to support his ongoing blog posts through May:

Week 1: Introduction to the leadership series

Week 2: On leadership traits

Week 3: Accountability not blame

To register for the event:

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