Crossrail People Strategy

Crossrail required the mobilisation of the right people to deliver the project on time and on budget. The People Strategy sets out Crossrail’s overarching approach to achieving a diverse workforce with the right people, at the right time, suitably skilled, motivated and engaged to deliver the Crossrail project. Informed by external research, stakeholder feedback and employee engagement survey findings, the People Strategy identifies five focus areas: safety culture; simplifying the organisation; sustaining the integrated organisation model; efficient and effective working; and workforce diversity.

The case study recommends that future projects developing a People Strategy consider:

– Benchmarking your people strategy against comparable projects
– Engaging with staff and providing regular opportunities for feedback, particularly with the senior leadership team
– Taking into economic, labour market and programme timing factors
– Aligning the strategy with your organisation’s objectives, vision, values and mission.

This case study will be of interest to: senior leadership teams; HR Directors; Organisational Development practitioners considering developing a People Strategy.

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