Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (GBI) has conducted the largest ever canvassing of public trust in placemaking in the UK

The public doesn’t trust the planning system. Nor does it trust private developers. This is the stark conclusion of the research Grosvenor are publishing today.

This lack of trust defines an often confrontational debate about development, regeneration and building new homes. Grosvenor see it in stand-offs between communities, councils and private developers. It deepens when civic and industry leaders fail to explain both the costs and the benefits of development, or fail to have an honest discussion about the choices and trade-offs we all face if we’re to meet the UK’s need for more homes.

Low trust is partly the result of a failure of leadership. The truth is, at Grosvenor, as at many property companies, they acknowledge they have failed to tell their story clearly enough.

Read the research and the accompanying discussion document

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