Bio-based movable bridge for cyclists tested in the Netherlands

Bio-based bridgeFor the first time in history, a bio-based movable bridge for cyclists is tested within TU Delft’s laboratories. It was made out of flax and resins derived from plants. This structure is actually a 12-meter long prototype and it’s the first time this bio composite material is used on this scale. The bridge, that will actually be built in 2020 in the province of Friesland, is an important project to promote more eco-friendly materials and sway the construction industry to turn to a greener page.

After clicking on a series of buttons, Assistant Professor Dr. Marko Pavlović turns on a machine. Two pistons, one per side, start a rhythmic up-and-down bending of the structure’s extremities. This 1:3 scale replica of the swing bridge, designed to pivot horizontally around a central pin, is going to be built in Leeuwarden, in the North of the Netherlands. “Regarding flexibility, the structure is very promising,” comments Pavlović. “It behaves like chewing gum, and it is very strong.”

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