Covid 19 Resources

Covid 19 Resources

markus-spiske-3_SvgDspSTE-unsplashPlease share any resources you come across that are useful for supporting members of the major projects community and project working during the pandemic. E-mail details and any links to our Knowledge Hub Manager, Jonathan Norman who will add them to this page.

We will continue to curate and update this page

Government sources of information

Guidance about coronavirus (COVID-19) for health professionals and other organisations.

Covid-19: Guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people

Stay at home guidance for households with possible Covid-19 infection

Guidance for employees, employers and businesses in providing advice about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19

Further premises and businesses to close: guidance

Other sources of advice

The Corona Virus Tech Handbook

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook from the London College of Political Technologists provides a space for technologists, civic organisations, public & private institutions and specialists of all kinds to collaborate on a rapid and sophisticated response to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent impacts. It is a quickly evolving resource with thousands of active expert contributors.

Engineering Matters Podcast: Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

In this episode Bernadette Ballantyne asks a range of sector experts from the UK’s largest infrastructure consultant Mott MacDonald how resilient infrastructure systems cope with massive labour disruption and explore lessons learned from previous disasters.

Ensuring your Virtual Teamworking is Effective

In these unprecedented times, it is even more important, that teamwork is as effective and efficient as possible. A tough thing to achieve, when it is business as usual, however, even harder, when team members are self-isolating or working from home and virtual teamwork has overnight, become the norm. So, what can you and your team do now, to ensure that your teamwork is as effective as possible?

A Guide to Working from Home: Dr. Richard Claydon

“In the present enforced work-from-home situation of the Coronavirus crisis, employees will no longer be able to rely on established workplace routines. In order to combat the stress that will cause, following a routine that aligns with the human body clock or circadian rhythm is a possible solution”

HBR: Anxiety is contagious – here’s how to contain it

Perhaps the most difficult part of this pandemic is the uncertainty we are all facing. Uncertainty about how contagious and deadly Coronavirus is. Uncertainty about the travel that we have planned. Uncertainty about the economy. Uncertainty about our jobs.

HBR: Fifteen questons about remote working answered.

Tsedal Neeley, a professor at Harvard Business School, has spent two decades helping companies learn how to manage dispersed teams. In this edited Q&A, drawn from a recent HBR subscriber video call in which listeners were able to ask questions, she offers guidance on how to work productively at home, manage virtual meetings, and lead teams through this time of crisis.

Help for trainers moving from classroom to virtual training

The brilliant Craig Kilford, has put together a guide with links to resources for all of those clssroom trainers now forced to move online but who may not be familiar with the challenges of virtual facilitation.

How to Set Your Remote Team  Up to do Great Work from Home

Setting up a remote team is hard. It’s time consuming, expensive, and using the wrong tools can have a massive cost on your efficiency. Having operated remotely for the last 3 years Firstbase have tested almost every tool available, learned from their mistakes, and understand what you need to use to be successful.

Interactive map

Produced by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the tool also monitors death and recovery rates.

Staying Well in Uncertain Times

For many years now Robertson Cooper has been operating the Good Day at Work thought leadership platform and they now want to use that to provide free support in the current situation. Over the next few weeks, they’ll be making a range of free resources available to all organisations to help them navigate the mental health and wellbeing challenges thrown up by this crisis.

Ways to Keep Your Mind Health During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Times of uncertainty can take their toll on our mental health – especially as we’re being thrown out of our normal routines – so here are a few tips to try and help you come to terms with your new surroundings, written by Viridor’s Director of Power Portfolio Management Mark Knights.


Covid-19: Implications for Business

PA Consulting

Five ways for business leaders to reassure their people and redue uncertainty

Mitigating the effects of Covid-19 on your supply chain

Help your people adjust to the new Covid-19 world

Further links

Share your experience of Covid-19 – personal and organizational insight from the pandemic

Share details of upcoming virtual events

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