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We’ll be using the page below to collate and share the experiences of members of the Major Projects Community along with your tips and techniques for building resilience as the pandemic unfolds.

Let me lead the way with my own sense of what’s happening.

nasa-WKT3TE5AQu0-unsplashThe great Kurt Lewin developed a model of change in the last Century that suggested you needed to break down the way things were done (in an organization or a society) before you could successfully facilitate change. Corvid-19 has effectively achieved this first stage, on a huge scale, in less than a week. People who have never been able to work from home are now working from home; the prevailing economic models have been turned on their head; people’s home life patterns have been completely disrupted.

Telephone tag

At the Major Projects Association we’ve adopted an approach to help the small team feel connected and in touch with each other. We have established a rota that provides each day for each of us to connect with one of our team colleagues on Microsoft Teams, just to touch base, share impressions and any immediate news. Jonathan Norman

Moorhouse Consulting Series series of written perspectives on the impact of Covid-19 across industries. 

Moorhouse Consulting grap“In the short term, organisational culture and ways of working will rapidly adapt. Tools and processes will be quickly reconfigured to facilitate business operations, ensure continuity and maintain human connections. Recognising that prior to COVID-19, 21% of British adults already worried ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ about the possibility of losing their job, these changes will need to be clearly communicated to ensure that the business and its people remain engaged and effective.”

Please contact me to share your own experience and observations

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