Enabling an Agile Organisation – webinar

dusan-smetana-MHyoADd2w5A-unsplashMost executives have a natural tendency to demand action now and benefit realisation immediately if not sooner! So there is a natural leadership platform that should enable more agile working practices and delivery across organisations. However many organisations have struggled to evolve from the somewhat more slow and structured way of running projects/ portfolios.

During this webinar we will explore some techniques to enable a more agile organisation culture by feeding the leadership platform and we will share the elements of the PPM tool (Perform) which helps to enable organisations to transform to a more agile culture. We will be looking at some of the following:

  • More agile escalation and risk management
  • More agile leadership engagement of Sponsors and key decision makers
  • More agile decision making
  • More agile and effective governance

This is one in our occasional series of webinars facilitated by Rupert Taylor or Kivue on behalf of the Major Projects Association.

Webinar date: Tuesday, June 16th 2020 @ 12.30 BST

You can find the link to the registration page here.


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