Responding to Covid 19: Future Ways of Working

Event date: Tuesday 7th Juy @ 12.00 BST
What are the lessons on collaborative, virtual working from COVID 19 and more importantly, how do we make them stick?

About this Event

Moorhouse Consulting has recognised that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our clients, our own organisation and industry more broadly. In many cases, organisations have demonstrated they can react at pace and implement changes rapidly and effectively. In others, difficult decisions have been made in the face of uncertainty.

Organisations are now looking to use the lessons learned from this period of dramatic change to transform their business model, update ways of working and leverage technology.

In this online seminar we will share the key themes that we see emerging from the different responses to change, using client and industry examples to bring each theme to life.

Transformed Workplace – How can businesses maintain culture, wellbeing and productivity whilst working virtually?

Speed of Transformation – What are the enablers to allow organisations to respond to accelerated change?

Digital Transformation – What are the key technology trends that organisations could leverage as they respond to COVID-19?

Operational Efficiency – What adjustments can be made to businesses to ensure they can continue to operate efficiently?

Re-imagining your Business Model – How can businesses develop a long-term strategy to ensure customer engagement?


  • Tayo Oyetan, Principal is the Transport sector lead and Infrastructure lead at Moorhouse. He specialises in providing strategic advice to help clients deliver complex capital projects and transformation programmes successfully.
  • Anna Rissen, Principal has over seventeen years’ experience of delivering sustainable change for health, public and private sector clients in the UK and internationally.
  • James Easterbrook, Client Director has 20 years’ of experience applying creative thinking to business challenges and specialises in customer transformation
  • Don McShee, Client Director leads the Moorhouse Digital and Technology team delivering, advising on and assuring complex technology-enabled business transformation initiatives for some of the world’s leading organisations.
  • David Griffin, Principal has over 13 years’ consulting experience delivering complex transformations across foods, other consumer businesses and pharmaceuticals.

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