About Us

Aims and Objectives

The Major Project Knowledge Hub aims to improve major project initiation, delivery and innovation through the sharing of knowledge and good practice as defined by an active, global user community. This supports the Major Project Association’s mission to improve the initiation and delivery of major projects through interaction of members from all sectors in sharing experience, knowledge and ideas.

The Major Projects Knowledge Hub seeks to capture and share learning, good practice and innovation on major projects, and connect a network of experts across the industry.  The Hub seeks to bring together learning, innovation and good practice from many different sources such as learning legacies by major projects, other related knowledge hubs and websites, and knowledge shared directly with the Hub by individuals and organisations working in major projects.

Three Pillars

Three pillars form the core principles of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub:

1. The Major Projects Knowledge Hub shares user experience of major projects

The Hub collates insight, data and people aimed at improving initiation and delivery of major projects. This includes good practice, lessons learned, innovation and recommendations for development by future projects. It is not an encyclopaedia, newspaper, magazine or advertising platform.

2. The Major Projects Knowledge Hub contains open-access content that anyone can use, modify and distribute

The purpose of knowledge-sharing via the Hub is to allow others to build on previous work and learning shared by contributors to improve performance on their own projects.  By opening up the Hub to all, MPA members benefit from greater interaction and wider perspective.  Contributors share their knowledge so it may be copied, modified and further distributed thereby facilitating continuous improvement in the initiation and delivery of major projects.

3. The Major Projects Knowledge Hub supports the Major Projects Community through discussion and connections.

The Major Projects Community is the discussion forum and trusted network for members of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub.  The Community forum is managed via a separate platform ‘Knowledge Hub’ which aligns with tools used by the UK Government’s communities. The Knowledge Hub enables Hub users to connect with and query other users and to contribute to events and activities for the Community.

Shared Content

The Major Projects Knowledge Hub aims to share:

  • Knowledge and insight gained from major projects that may be of benefit to future projects and programmes
  • Documents and templates that have been used successfully on major projects that can be ‘pinched with pride’ by other projects
  • Datasets that can inform future research projects
  • The experts behind the initiation and delivery of major projects

Share your knowledge


This material is shared for use by other major projects and is relevant to the following types of users as detailed in the metadata of each item:

  • public sector client
  • private sector client
  • contractor
  • consultant
  • SME
  • Leadership teams
  • Academia
  • Investors
  • Operators

Knowledge Types

Knowledge can be split into three types – insight, data and people.  Insight is based on personal or organisational experience whilst data is a document, tool or dataset used on a project.  People are as important (if not more) as the knowledge content and hence personal profiles on the Hub and engagement in discussion forums on the Hub is vital.  Further information on knowledge types can be found here.

Taxonomy – Themes and Topic Areas

The Major Projects Knowledge Hub taxonomy was developed in consultation with a selection of major projects to agree an industry standard for sharing knowledge on major projects.

Site Facilitators

We use volunteers to help facilitate and support how you experience and interact with the content and the community in the Major Projects Knowledge Hub and associated Major Projects Community. Information on our facilitator programme can be found here.

Organizational Responses to the Major Projects Knowledge Hub.

Now the Hub is live what’s your organization’s response? Here are ideas for ways in which your organization can become involved.

Guest Bloggers

Our Guest Blogger programme invites influential individuals to share their perspectives  on major projects over the course of a month. We announce our calendar of bloggers each month in our site newsletter. We also curate content on the Major Projects Knowledge Hub to complement the themes explored in the blog posts.