Knowledge Types

Knowledge can be split into three types – insight, data and people.  Insight is based on personal or organisational experience whilst data is a document, tool or dataset used on a project.  People are as important (if not more) as the knowledge content and hence personal profiles on the Hub and engagement in discussion forums as part of the Major Projects Community is vital.  The following knowledge types are used in the Hub:


  • Research Summary – summaries of research usually undertaken by academics or research bodies
  • Case studies – c3000 word articles usually strategic and analytical or reflective in nature, often written by the client team or consultant.
  • Micro-reports – short papers usually focusing on a specific learning point or good practice, written by anybody working on or with the project.
  • Technical papers – 3-5000 word article usually focused on solving an engineering problem or describing an approach or procedure (without the reflection)
  • Lessons learned documents – can be results from lessons learned reviews or facilitated workshops.


  • example documents/ templates – this can include strategies, processes and procedures as well as blank and populated templates
  • Guidance – that may be of interest to another project.
  • data & statistics.


  • Profiles – details of individuals skills and experience on major projects to facilitate connections and knowledge sharing
  • Discussions – thought-provoking questions that generate insight through discussion by the Major Projects Community
  • Comments – review of shared resources or comment on experience of similar or alternative approaches taken

For information on how to craft your insight read our guidance note.