We have chosen a number of themes to pursue over the next twelve months, which tie in with the Major Projects Association reports and events programme. We will be using these themes as a focus around which to curate content from the Major Projects Knowledge Hub and as the basis for campaigns of knowledge sharing activities and social media. Do let us have feedback on any of this activity and if you or your organization has insight that relates to our campaigns, then talk to us or just submit the insight for publication.

August 2017:
Future Proofing Major Projects:
Major Projects Association Conference

Resources and insight to explore the meaning of foresight

The Future of Project Management: Collaboration and Trust in Major Projects

Resources that explore the role of trust in collaboration and virtual working

September 2017:
Having a Vision

The make-up and process associated with the project vision and the plan that underpins it

October 2017:
Developing the Next Generation of Major Project Leaders
Major Projects Association Seminar

Recognizing and developing non-technical project capabilities.

Radical Engagement

Approaches to engaging and involving stakeholders that reflect the impact and benefit of major projects in society and communities.

December 2017:
Are We Getting Better at Project Initiation?

Insight and ideas around project initiation that builds on the Major Projects Association Project Initiation Handbook and on the January 2018 seminar of the same name.

January 2018:
Building Confidence

The role of the Sponsor and the governance structure in building confidence and resilience in major projects.

February 2018:
February 2018:
People, People, People

The skills, capabilities and make-up required to build and maintain successful project teams.

March 2018:
Where’s the Value

The role of the business case in framing and defining the value of any project and the processes for securing that value through delivery and beyond.

April 2019:
Projects for Life

The basis for a whole-life approach to projects and the techniques for delivering longer-term performance.

May 2019:
Evolve to Success

The role of feedback and project reviews and the process by which projects can evolve and, where necessary, embrace disruption.

June 2019:
Never Stop Learning

The processes for identifying critical success factors, establishing best practice, learning and implementing the lessons of major projects.