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What can our members learn from other sectors

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A whole system approach to major projects – end game thinking

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Organisational Learning

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Comparing and contrasting unique major projects with those that are replicable

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Social Inclusion in Major Projects

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Innovation and Health and Safety

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Embedding Sustainability and the Circular Economy in Major Projects: the Opportunity and the Challenge

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Assurance of Major Projects – What is Assurance and Why Do We Need It?

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Embracing Diversity – Managing people who don’t look like you

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Why do disputes happen in Major Projects and what can be done to avoid them?

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Ten tenets of urgent and unforeseen project delivery

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Lessons from Decommissioning

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Can Projects Achieve Benefits Without Really Considering Value?

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Will Access to Big Data Change the Way We Deliver Major Projects?

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Tools and Techniques versus Critical Thinking

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Managing Urgent and Emergency Response Projects

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Resource / Alignment & CollaborationResourcing & People ManagementSustainabilityTalent & Development

Pulling Together – Building a Common Future in an Uncertain World