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Masterclass on Peer Coaching with Phil LeNir

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Masterclass on Project Performance with Mark Phillips

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Learning from Other Sectors

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Emmanuel Sheehan shares her Ideas from Experience

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Webinar: Good Project Managers Can Demand More …

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Masterclass on Next Generation Benchmarking

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Lean Construction Masterclass

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Masterclass on Construction Contracts with Sarah Fox

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Claire Dellar shares her Ideas from Experience

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Chad White shares his Ideas from Experience

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Andrew Wright shares his Ideas from Experience

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Neil Runciman shares his Ideas from Experience

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Lindsay Scott shares her Ideas from Experience

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Masterclass on Red Team Thinking in Major Projects

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Going from Good to Better to Best PM/PMO Practice

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The Project Data Challenge

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Social Inclusion in Major Projects

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Anil Iyer shares his ideas from experience

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Dr Beverly Pasian shares her Ideas from Experience

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Embedding Sustainability and the Circular Economy in Major Projects