Guest Bloggers

Our Guest Blogger programme invites influential individuals to share their perspectives  on major projects over the course of a month. We announce our calendar of bloggers each month in our site newsletter. Make sure that you have joined the Major Projects Community so that you can follow the blog programme.

October: Our blogger for October is Marisa Silva, Senior Consultant and PMO specialist at Wellingtone Project Management (LinkedIn, Twitter). Marisa will be sharing her thoughts on her research for an MSc in strategic project management: how organizations should provide an environment within which projects can deliver value; the institutional pressures that make up the context for complex, international projects such as the Olympic Games; how these pressures impede projects from having a manageable and managed legacy; and the role of agency and anti-fragility in responding to hostile project environments.  Share your thoughts and ideas with Marisa and follow her posts in October on the blog in the Major Projects Community or via our Twitter feed as they are posted.

August/September: Dr Andrew Schuster, Director of Strategy and Transformation for PwC (LinkedIn, Twitter @andrewschuster. Andrew will be sharing his thoughts on major projects in the current turbulent political and economic environment we face. He hopes to share experiences and explore the challenges of the transformation, infrastructure and technology projects we are delivering. He wants your ideas, comments and feedback. Look for Andrew’s blogs. They can be found on the Major Projects Community or by following us on Twitter.

November: Anthony Landale, Anthony Landale Associates. Anthony explores the challenge of developing the next generation of project leaders.