Major Projects Knowledge Hub Live!

Working with Bentley Systems we are planning to pilot a series of live events using their new virtual conferencing system.

The system includes room-to-room broadcasting between their Head Offices in the City of London and in India and then via Webex to the wider world. The nearest analogy is perhaps the BBC’s Question Time, where viewers see a live audience interacting with a panel.

  1. It is LIVE and we should play on that experience;
  2. The audience in the room add an extra dimension to the webinar because they can interact and be seen to interact with each other and with the panel or speaker;
  3. Bentley is keen (and MPA supports this) that we should be quite controversial. Much of our knowledge sharing via the HUB (and even the MPA seminar programme) is safe, predictable and polished. This format has elements of theatre about it and we should leverage the drama.

As an example have a look at this piece of MPKH insight which describes how Crossrail engaged with their stakeholders prior to tunnelling under the Barbican. Could we bring together members of the Corporation of London and Crossrail and relive that stakeholder engagement activity? With the added nuance that Crossrail has been built so they can judge what happened then with the benefit of their perspective today!

We are looking for activities that would lend themselves to this platform and we’d like to involve our members (as well as Bentley) in their design and delivery.

If you have ideas or would like to be involved. Contact Jonathan Norman, Major Projects Knowledge Hub Manager, by e-mail or by phone: 07387 268596.