Benchmarking tunnelling costs and production rates in the UK


As part of the Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) programme, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has developed a new top-down benchmarking methodology, Best Practice in Benchmarking. This will be used to encourage better and more consistent benchmarking across infrastructure projects among both government departments and client organisations. The exercise described in this document successfully explored and tested that methodology.

In September 2018, in collaboration with the British Tunnelling Society (BTS), a tunnelling forum was held as a pilot to help formulate the methodology. Tunnels were chosen as they have been successfully benchmarked in the past and allow effective testing of the IPA’s methodology. Industry stakeholders from multiple sectors came together to share information on tunnelling costs, with additional data provided directly from a range of departments, sponsors and programmes which are involved in tunnelling activities.

Following the exercise, participants have been able to enhance their own benchmarking and decision making capabilities by enriching the information and analysis provided with their own data.

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