Creating Strategic Value through Transformational Programs and Projects


The external forces organisations are increasingly tested with, provide new opportunities to create significant and lasting value for their stakeholders but also pose a number of challenges. The progressive organisations interviewed by the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership, at the University of Sydney, are working constructively to find new ways to tackle these opportunities and challenges in productive ways.

The Centre identified four forces impacting how organisations are seeking to create strategic value.
Organisations have to navigate these forces and their inherent challenges, relating to:
- nature and pace of change itself
- exponential growth of new technology and abundant data
- value potential of or collaboration
- erosion of trust in organisations.
The executives they interviewed are keenly attuned to these multi-level challenges and report
details how they are initiating new ways to deal with these challenges. They are prioritising:

- customer and communities and working through models to ultimately co-create experiences for shared outcomes
- looking at the capability of their teams and elevating its value within their organisation
- ensuring project and change delivery is central to address the changing needs of their workforce and to support new collaborations
- governance models and tweaking them to be fit for purpose to accommodate their new ways of working
their approach to capital allocation for projects and how to support new scenarios which could open new opportunities
- and shifting how organisations are viewing their partnerships and how contractors not only work with them but can build on their capabilities for future success.

There are lessons to be learnt from the insights of these progressive organisations as they seek to create strategic value in these challenging and uncertain times. To help navigate your own journey the report outlines three important principles:
1. build a guiding purpose whilst preparing for multiple futures
2. embrace a multi-level capability lens and
3. organise to be adaptive in a time of flux.

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