Enabling Better Infrastructure


This report is useful for decision-makers grappling with the challenge of designing and delivering infrastructure planning and prioritisation processes that can:
• enhance the value delivered by a national infrastructure system;
• ensure that infrastructure strategies support the achievement of national priorities

The report is also useful to a wider audience of financial institutions, private infrastructure developers and infrastructure consultants and contractors. It draws on international best practice to describe three stages of national infrastructure planning:1. establishing a national vision for infrastructure;2. conducting a national infrastructure needs assessment;3. creating a national infrastructure strategy.Finally, the report provides insight and advice on six key aspects of the enabling environment for national infrastructure planning:
1. the institutional framework;
2. fiscal capacity and private finance;
3. data to support decision-making;
4. stakeholder buy-in and consultation;
5. legal and regulatory frameworks;
6. human capacity and capability requirements.

Illustrative case studies are used throughout, and we also include pointers to other sources of useful guidance.

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