Fockersperger Spider Plough


The spider plough is a purpose-built multi-functional unit that combines the three pipeline activities of digging, laying and backfilling into one.

Murphy Pipe & Civil and the manufacturer Föckersperger developed a plough with patented modifications to create the all-terrain, all weather construction machine.

During pipe installation the plough is pulled by bulldozers equipped with winches and blades that act as anchors. One or two bulldozers are used depending on ground conditions. Once in motion, the plough’s ripper and pipe-insertion unit is pulled through the ground. The previously strung and welded high-density polythene (HDPE) pipe is continuously laid as the machine moves forward at specified depths of up to 2.5m. Unlike open trenching systems, the narrow slot in the earth created by the plough is quickly closed and compacted down.

The movement of the unit is guided using GPS technology to enable precise placement. Murphy Pipe & Civil added additional GPS equipment to ensure that buried services are not disturbed during ploughing, protecting the safety of the operating crew.

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