Foreword to the Digital Scrapbook on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly


In February 2018 the Major Projects Association held a seminar on the topic of “The changing digital world”. The presentations and discussion led to two very different conclusions as to how we can best leverage digital advances to transform our major projects. On the one hand, we decided, it’s all about the data and yet, on the other, it’s all about the people. So I am delighted to see the start of the first of our digital scrapbooks that skilfully combines both the data and people aspects in such an interesting way.

Knowledge Resource

‘Design for Manufacturing and Assembly’ explores one of the potentially most disruptive applications of data on major projects. With this in mind we have decided to adopt a  scrapbook approach, that will see us serialising pages as they emerge. Jo Lucas has brought together a team of contributors from industry , consultancy and academia, in a very human endeavour that captures the spirit of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub.

Just as technology and practice in major projects is emerging, so too is the content of our scrapbooks. The DfMA scrapbook is designed to evolve even as we publish the pages, enabling users to provide feedback and ideas on the early pages, that we can capture in the later ones. The programme of scrapbooks itself demonstrates ambition, with plans for further scrapbooks on project decision-making and on gender balance.

I am grateful to Jo Lucas for her imagination and  hard work in bringing this exciting project together. Thank you also to all of the contributors who have committed to support the scrapbook with your content and your events. I hope that the rich mix of digital content (articles, videos and online commentary) and the events associated with many of the pages will capture your imagination. Please follow the new scrapbook pages that we will publish in the Major Projects Knowledge Hub on the last Friday of each month, from May, for the next 12 months.

Whether your interest is in the technical, data-led aspects of projects or the human dynamics, we’d be grateful for your feedback and your support in sharing this activity across the major projects world and in encouraging your colleagues and your network to join in with the activity of our Knowledge Hub.


Denise Bower
Executive Director
March 2018

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