From Transactions to Enterprises: a new approach to delivering high-performing infrastructure


This report was commissioned by the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) with support from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). The ICG recognised the need for a new approach to delivering the UK’s infrastructure that will encourage innovation, produce better outcomes and reduce waste in the delivery process. In particular the ICG wanted to identify more intelligent ways to organise competition, generate more value for end users and provide the right structure for suppliers to invest in improving their capabilities.

The analysis of leading edge practice allowed ICG to identify five features that taken together form the basis of the new approach to delivering infrastructure. The report describes these key features and through case studies demonstrates how their deployment has delivered substantial benefits for infrastructure owners and their customers.

The report also provides a critical analysis of more traditional approaches to delivering new infrastructure. It provides evidence that these approaches often lead to costly and sub optimal solutions for infrastructure owners while at the same time damaging the capabilities of the supply chain.

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