Future Proofing Major Projects – Navigating an Uncertain Major Project World


Navigating an uncertain world has become one of the great challenges of our time, particularly for major projects and the organisations that support them.

Organisations involved in the initiation and delivery of major projects must have the flexibility (and the bravery) to operate within the context of change and uncertainty; whether we consider geopolitics, technology, labour markets or customer expectations, they are all shifting.

The challenges and opportunities for these organisations operating with the context of this uncertainty were addressed at the 2017 Major Projects Association Annual Conference.

Four key issues emerged:

1. Invest time and resources in future-proofing our organisations and projects.

2. Recognise that properly understanding risk can create opportunity.

3. Use new tools that move beyond linear thinking to approach change with an open mind.

4. Identify and remove common barriers to prepare for future challenges.

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