Global Client Models: A study of trends and lessons from international major projects


The purpose of this research into global client models was to capture the experiences of clients of major projects from a range of sectors and countries throughout the world. By explaining their models, examining the delivery function responsibilities and considering the drivers for the approaches, this report aims to draw out important trends and lessons emerging from client models in international markets.

Through interviews with the Major Projects Association clients, contractors and consultants from projects in Australia, Canada, India, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the UK have shared their experiences – providing insight into the structure, operation and evolution of their client models and the pros and cons of the approaches taken.

The findings are wide ranging. Sydney Metro’s outcome-based, customer-focused client model took new steps forward in customer engagement with the innovative creation of a director of customer strategy and planning who can hold other directors to account.

India has taken pioneering steps in its market by employing extensive outsourcing and a very light client model to create a new industrial manufacturing region.

Saudi Arabia is revolutionising its client models by outsourcing all project management across all major project entities, and Sydney Water is seeing the commercial benefits of a complete restructuring of its approach

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