Guide to Improving Value by Reducing Design Error


Initial research by the 'Get it Right Intiative' (GIRI) revealed that a large proportion of construction errors, costing the UK industry billions a year, are rooted in deficiencies or changes in design. These research findings motivated GIRI Members, led by the GIRI Design Working group and from across all disciplines, to unite, share knowledge and collaborate to create a Design Guide to address the causes of these avoidable errors from design deficiencies.

This Guide to Improving Value by Reducing Error comprises of twelve principal recommendations that can be applied to any project, particularly at its commencement and during early design stages. The guide aims to share knowledge across the Industry as a useful tool, rather than presenting itself as a ground-breaking report, and serves as a reminder of the best practice techniques to follow when approaching projects.

The challenge the industry faces is to apply these recommendations in a manner that ensures they are adopted as a matter of routine. A concurrent theme throughout the guide is the ability to stand back, analyse the situation, develop a consistent plan, and once that plan is in place make sure it is adhered to, or allowed to flex as situations change. This applies to Clients, Designers, Contractors and Subcontractors at all stages of the design process from conception to specialist detailed designs. The question is, does the current Construction design process allow for this to happen?

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