Implementing A Mental Health Programme


Mental health means different things to different people and like physical health it is ever present and can fluctuate depending on internal and external factors. A conscious decision was made to establish the Crossrail mental health programme as part of the over-arching occupational health and wellbeing strategy.

This report demonstrates Crossrail's approach to mental health in order to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and provide a programme that was both diverse and structured.  Creating a culture that normalised the promotion of good mental health at work, in an intrinsically macho industry, needed careful consideration and timing. Mental health was not easily understood and this created a hesitancy that was managed through the use of mental health data, moral courage, the media and early positive feedback.

The mental health programme aimed at going beyond general awareness of mental ill health and stress at work to providing the skills required by line managers and employers to cope with the pressures of modern day life and thinking.

This paper will be of benefit to all major projects looking to implement a mental health programme or improve mental health service provision.

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