Kelly Tanks and Mudtech System


The Kelly Tanks & Mudtech system is a treatment method that deals with surplus groundwater pumped from dewatering excavations. The system has been developed by Murphy in close collaboration with Kelly Tanks and Mudtech.

The system consists of a large 12m³ settlement tank which feeds into two smaller Pump Safe Ultra 100 tanks. These tanks are modular units and can be stacked in order to increase capacity for add-ons such as pH control. The settlement tank has a primary chamber to allow rapidly settling solids to drop to a collection point at the base. The effluent water then rises through the combined lamella and coalescing filter in the Pump Safe Ultra 100 tanks, increasing the settling area to just over 100m².

Floating solids are captured with an additional run-down screen, while other solids are removed from the tank by opening a valve at the bottom. The treated water is discharged through a filter cradle and can then be either recycled through the system for further treatment or discharged to the ground.

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