Knowledge Sharing in Organizations


Ed Hoffman, ex. Chief Knowledge Officer at NASA, shares his insight on knowledge sharing processes, techniques and challenges in the context of some of the most high-profile technical programs: the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope and the US Space Shuttle program.

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Ed Hoffman introduces the idea of ‘engaged and disengaged teams’ and explains what that means in terms of how people in the organization communicate, collaborate and manage risk. He goes on to talk about concepts such as

  • ‘the normalization of deviance’ and the risk to which this exposes the organization in terms of health and safety and/or catastrophic project failure;
  • the correlation between knowledge management, risk management and safety;
  • what a healthy, productive, project environment sounds like and the significance of communicaton and social behaviours;
  • the different strategies required for different forms of learning from projects;
  • the significance of a strategic discussion about knowledge sharing;
  • the challenge of working across cultures, age groups and work disciplines.

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