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Project 13 is an industry-led initiative to improve the way high-performing infrastructure is delivered and managed. It begins an industry-wide change programme which will deliver better outcomes for the public and customers of infrastructure, a more highly skilled, innovative workforce and lead to a more sustainable, productive construction industry. It is sponsored by the Infrastructure Client Group, a joint group of industry figures, academics and infrastructure owners with 19 members from 16 different client organisations representing public, private and regulated infrastructure sectors.

Project 13 seeks to establish a new approach – based on an enterprise, not on traditional transactional arrangements. Enterprises can be much more effective in bringing through the right skills and new technologies in infrastructure needed to deliver the right outcomes for customers when set up correctly.

Whilst the enterprise model is new, it draws on evidence of existing best practice, capabilities and behaviours already in use today in pockets across different projects and sectors. The Project 13 team and community has engaged widely, researching and gathering examples of what works and what doesn’t since the publication of From Transactions to Enterprises
In 2017.

By using examples of the best current practice and applying these lessons across the whole industry we aim to create a step change that will deliver better outcomes across the board.

This document covers the Project 13 Blueprint. It describes the principles of the commercial approach and defines the roles, capabilities and responsibilities of the key stakeholders in this new Enterprise model – the investor, the owner, the integrator, the advisors and the suppliers.

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