Project Initiation Routemap


Supported by the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) the Routemap is aimed primarily at public or private sector sponsor and client organisations that deliver major projects. Building on its success with economic infrastructure, the Routemap is being expanded to cover all construction projects and longer-term transformation projects as well. It provides particular value where a proposed project is either new in its nature to the participating organisations, is being delivered in a different way, or is on a significantly bigger scale than those previously undertaken.

The Routemap is a process that walks clients through the key considerations for initiating a Major project. The Routemap has a suite of tools and guidance that helps clients and sponsors to better understand:

- Where complexity needs to be managed
- The existing vs. required level of delivery capability
- The implications of your strategic decisions and how to apply best practice from other major projects.

When timed correctly the Routemap supports the development of a robust business case, by offering early insight into the challenges the project needs to address before moving into the delivery phase.

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