Projects leaving the Government Major Projects Portfolio


In April 2011, the Major Projects Authority, now the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (the Authority), created the Government Major Projects Portfolio (the Portfolio) to improve the delivery of government’s biggest and riskiest projects by increasing transparency and providing independent assurance.

In 2016, the National Audit Offce reported on whether the establishment of the Authority and the Portfolio had improved government’s performance in delivering major projects. The turnover of projects, the limited data published and the lack of systematic monitoring of whether projects had realised benefits made it difficult to conclude on trends in performance across the Portfolio. The Committee of Public Accounts (the Committee) expressed concern: about the quality of data, including that on benefits and the apparent gap in responsibilities for reporting on the delivery of benefits; and that some projects left the Portfolio without a review to ensure that they were on track to deliver their benefits.

The Committee identified that improving the delivery of benefits should be a priority, recommending that the Authority should do more to determine whether government projects were likely to achieve their stated benefits before they leave the Portfolio.

Content and scope of the report

This report examines:
- why NAO examined projects leaving the Portfolio;
- whether there is evidence that projects which have left the Portfolio have delivered their intended benefits; and
- whether accountability for, and transparency of, major project delivery has improved (Part Three).

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