Safety Incident Reporting


At the start of the London Bridge Station Redevelopment, it was identified that the workforce would need a system to report their ‘near-misses’ and safety incidents upwards to the safety team for immediate action or recording.

The frequent incident reports from the work sites needed to be captured accurately including the good as well as the practice needing improvement which the operatives had seen. It was important that the workforce believed there was no risk of the person reporting the incident getting blamed or getting in trouble. This factor was key to getting the workforce to buy into the process and proactively report everything they came across.

Typically, incident reports might include:

- Unsafe or untidy work sites
- Unsafe activities and operations
- Unsuitable, faulty or damaged pieces of equipment in use
- Any situations with a high-potential for an accident.

The system would need to be simple to access, easy to use for a wide range of users, very strong and weatherproof, reliable and embraced in everyday use by the workforce.

Such a broad-ranging variety of inputs and a critical importance of the information collected meant a very robust system was needed that could collect, collate, share and report the data. It needed to work remotely, in tough conditions and in multiple locations.

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