Time2Focus: Improving safety performance during the redevelopment London Bridge station


Time2Talk was an initiative adopted by Thameslink Programme to complement other safety processes and initiatives with the aim of promoting challenging, inquisitive conversations about safety with a view to improving safety performance. It was aligned to our vision of ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’. Time2Talk encouraged participants to investigate further their understanding of project processes and procedures formed on the basis of the ‘layers of protection’ defined in the ‘Swiss cheese’ model.

The basic premise is that it’s less complicated to investigate which layers have failed following a safety incident – but not so simple to identify these failures, or holes, in the layers when things are apparently working well. Accidents and incidents tend to shine a light on, and starkly highlight the failure points; Time2Talk was about identifying them through asking open ‘coaching style’ questions in the following areas:

- Motivation – for example, what human factors are influencing behaviour
- Verification – for example, what practices are being adopted and whether there is compliance with process
- Education – for example, where the coach is simply trying to understand a process in more detail.

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