Visualisation at London Bridge


With such a vastly complex project to be built in an operational environment with multiple stakeholders and interfaces with other programme elements the project required up-to-date information to be readily available, in a consistent format so that management decisions can be made from a ‘well informed’ position.

The virtues of good visualisation have long been understood within the rail industry and the route businesses each have their own ways of capturing information pertinent to their business areas; London Bridge Station Redevelopment was swift to adopt the practice into its management arrangements. In summary the intent of establishing the visualisation suite was to:

- Standardise the management approach – through use of information displayed
- Drive performance-focused behaviours – by focus on the actions required to deliver results
- Recognise the abnormal conditions – by delays or concerns being clearly visible
- Facilitate effective prioritised planning – by common understanding of current status
- Drive true problem understanding & resolution – by analysis of facts.

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