Culture, Values & Engagement

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Women’s Progress in the Workplace

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Family friendly working policies and practices: Motivations, influences and impacts for employers

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Framing Project Success and Failure

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Claire Dellar shares her Ideas from Experience

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Chad White shares his Ideas from Experience

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Andrew Wright shares his Ideas from Experience

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Lindsay Scott shares her Ideas from Experience

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Women’s Progression in the Workplace

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Employment pathways and occupational change after childbirth

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Social Inclusion in Major Projects

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The Wellbeing of Project Professionals

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Anil Iyer shares his ideas from experience

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The Successful Delivery of Change in the Public Sector

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Systems Thinking: How is it used in projects and project management?

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Visualisation at London Bridge

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Passenger Communications: London Bridge Station Hoardings

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Thameslink: Improving Pedestrian Flow During Construction

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Learning new rules almost always involves unlearning the old ones

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James Bond only ever exists in fiction (not on projects)!

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Thameslink Sub-Contractor Technical Interface Review