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Character strengths in you – Pathways to peak performance Pt1

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Does construction have the foundations for fundamental change? Guest blog by Tom Jarman

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Lest you forget! Maintaining stakeholder relationships in difficult times – webinar recording with Louise Worsley

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Viv Collins shares his Ideas from Experience

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Managing portfolios in a topsy turvy world – webinar recording with Ian Fraser

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Leading big project teams – webinar recording with Tony Llewellyn

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Listening leadership: the decade of talking is over Рwebinar recording with Johnny Warstr̦m

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Framing strategy when emerging from a crisis – webinar recording with Phil Driver

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Discovery-led decision making for ‘wicked times’ – webinar recording with Ben Shenoy

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Four great May webinars

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Reassuring the Public that Infrastructure is Safe

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Harvard Business Review Podcasts

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Framing Strategy When Emerging from a Crisis – Webinar Recording

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Discovery-Led Decision Making for Wicked Times – Webinar Recording

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Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation in a Digital World

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Keeping the PMO lights on in a crisis

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Discovery-Led Decision Making for Wicked Times: Webinar

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Muskrat Falls – Anatomy of a Misguided Project

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Lessons for Leading Local Cross Public Sector Innovations

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Masterclass on Mega Project Recovery with Vip Vyas