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Debra Galbraith shares her Ideas from Experience

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Knowledge Management Leaders 2020

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What can our members learn from other sectors

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Leading by Example

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The Project Safety Announcement

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2020 Guest Bloggers Programme

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Organisational Learning

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Where the hell is Wally, when your project needs him?

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Three milestones for the Major Projects Knowledge Hub at the start of 2020

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Comparing and contrasting unique major projects with those that are replicable

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Thameslink: Talent and Development

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Recruiting and Training for Maintenance on the Thameslink Programme

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Let’s talk about what’s happening

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Between planned and emergent change: decision maker’s perceptions of managing change in organisations

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Masterclass on Peer Coaching with Phil LeNir

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Manual Handling Safety Campaigns

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Major Projects Knowledge Hub Social Rhythm

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Learning from Other Sectors

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Construction 2050

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Good project managers CAN demand more …