Organisational Performance

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Lessons from Lockdown: Behaviour and Mindsets

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Lessons from Lockdown: Resilience

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Great webinars and virtual events through the summer

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Discovery-led decision making for ‘wicked times’ – webinar recording with Ben Shenoy

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Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation in a Digital World

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Keeping the PMO lights on in a crisis

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The Head of the Disciplinary Committee: A lesson in stakeholder management

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What can our members learn from other sectors

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Fight Director or Peacemaker?

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What Are the Causes and Cures of Poor Megaproject Performance? A Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda

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The Chief Provocation Officer

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2020 Guest Bloggers Programme

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Organisational Learning

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Closing the Engineering Pay Gap

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Let’s talk about what’s happening

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Safety Incident Reporting

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Masterclass on Project Performance with Mark Phillips

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Andrew Wright shares his Ideas from Experience

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Women’s Progression in the Workplace