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OneSKY: Contractual Arrangements

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Thameslink: Travel Demand Management

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Benchmarking on Major Gas Pipeline Projects

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Logikal Projects Global Projects Controls Survey Report 2019

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Masterclass interview: Project Resilience and the Fall of France in 1940

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The Performance of Government Major Projects

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Benchmarking Project Practices

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Elmar Kutsch shares his Ideas from Experience

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Reducing the gap between cost estimates and outturns for major projects and programmes

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Why do disputes happen in Major Projects and what can be done to avoid them?

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Ten tenets of urgent and unforeseen project delivery

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Mike Wallace of PA Consulting Shares his ‘Ideas from Experience’

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Inside PMOs: KPIs, Metrics and Measures

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Will Access to Big Data Change the Way We Deliver Major Projects?

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Improving Government’s Planning and Spending Framework

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Nekkhil Mishra Masterclass Interview on Project Data and Analytics

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From Nobel Prize to project management: getting risks right

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Reforming working-age social security: lessons for policy makers

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The Planning and Scheduling Handbook

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Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy