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Equality and Diversity Strategy

EDI Content Alignment & CollaborationCulture, Values & EngagementDiversity & EqualityEquality & DiversitySocial SustainabilityTalent & DevelopmentYouth Strategy

Embracing Diversity

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Peter Boulton of TfGM shares his Ideas from Experience

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Mark Armitage shares his Ideas from Experience

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Why Responsible Project Management is Overdue

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Forward programme of activities and events over summer 2019

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MPKHLive Project Data Challenge

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How Do We Define and Measure the Value of Major Projects Beyond Money?

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Assurance of Major Projects – What is Assurance and Why Do We Need It?

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Ministry of Justice Project Academy

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Masterclass interview: Project Resilience and the Fall of France in 1940

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How can UK Government improve its understanding of the markets in which it contracts major projects?

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The Performance of Government Major Projects

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The Challenges of Transfering Learning Between Major Public Projects

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A Mentor in Five Questions

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Benchmarking Project Practices

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Passenger Communication

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Leaders Listen

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Ending the Blame Culture in Major Projects

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Getting People to Talk