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Resource / Alignment & CollaborationCulture, Values & EngagementEmployment & SkillsEmployment RelationsEquality & DiversitySocial SustainabilityStakeholder ManagementStrategic discussionSustainabilityTalent & DevelopmentTalent & ResourcesTalent Management

Women’s Progress in the Workplace

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationCulture, Values & EngagementEmployment RelationsEquality & DiversityRecruitment & SelectionResourcing & People ManagementStakeholder ManagementTalent & DevelopmentTalent & Resources

Family friendly working policies and practices: Motivations, influences and impacts for employers

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The State of the State 2019-20

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Changing Business Models: Implications for Construction

Resource / Air QualityClimate changeEnergy Efficiency & CarbonEnvironmentEnvironmental DesignEnvironmental SustainabilityInfrastructure ManagementRenewables

Building and Infrastructure Consumption Emissions report

Resource / Air QualityCulture, Values & EngagementFatigueHealth & SafetyMental HealthOccupational Health & WellbeingPeople StrategyRisk management

The Wellbeing of Project Professionals

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationChange managementCulture, Values & EngagementLearning & DevelopmentOrganisational PerformanceProject & Programme Management

The Successful Delivery of Change in the Public Sector

Resource / BenefitsBusiness caseFailureSocial SustainabilitySuccess

The importance of conventions: A critical evaluation of current practice in social cost benefit analysis

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationHandoverPlanningStakeholder Management

How can we hand over projects better?

Resource / Culture, Values & EngagementLeadershipPlanningRisk managementStrategic discussion

Systems Thinking: How is it used in projects and project management?

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Leadership: Responding to Complexity

Resource / Delivery/execution strategyEconomic SustainabilityEnvironmental SustainabilityFailureOrganisational PerformanceSocial SustainabilityStrategic discussionSuccessSustainabilityTalent & Development

How does project management relate to productivity

Resource / Commercial ManagementGovernanceOperationsProcurementProcurement, Law & supply chain managementQualityRisk managementSupply chain management

Government outsourcing: what has worked and what needs reform?

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationAsset managementCommercial ManagementDelivery/execution strategyDigitalSupply chain managementSustainability

Data Trusts: Lessons from Three Pilots

Resource / Asset managementCommercial ManagementEconomic SustainabilityEnvironmental SustainabilityInnovationOperationsSocial SustainabilityStrategic discussionSustainability

Customer Stewardship in Social Infrastructure

Resource / BenefitsBusiness caseCustomer experienceEconomic SustainabilityEnvironmental SustainabilityInnovationOccupational Health & WellbeingPre-application consultationRegenerationSocial SustainabilityStakeholder ManagementTown Planning & HeritageUrban realm

Picture of health: The growing role of wellbeing in commercial real estate investment decision-making

Resource / Culture, Values & EngagementHealth & SafetyHealth & Safety improvementLeadership

Building Safety: Industry Safety Steering Group Report for the Secretary of State

Resource / GovernanceProgramme ControlsRisk managementStrategic discussion

Deloitte Global Risk Management Survey 11th Edition

Resource / Performance AssuranceProgramme ControlsRisk management

Deloitte’s 2019 Survey of Risk Management

Resource / BenefitsBusiness caseCustomer experienceEconomic SustainabilityEnvironmental SustainabilityInnovationLand & PropertyPerformance AssuranceSocial SustainabilityStakeholder ManagementSustainable Procurement

Putting value creation back into ‘public value’: from market fixing to market shaping