Research paper

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Data Trusts: Lessons from Three Pilots

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Customer Stewardship in Social Infrastructure

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Picture of health: The growing role of wellbeing in commercial real estate investment decision-making

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Building Safety: Industry Safety Steering Group Report for the Secretary of State

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Deloitte Global Risk Management Survey 11th Edition

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Deloitte’s 2019 Survey of Risk Management

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Putting value creation back into ‘public value’: from market fixing to market shaping

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The Resilient Infrastructure Opportunity

Resource / Economic SustainabilityEnvironmentEnvironmental SustainabilitySocial SustainabilitySustainabilitySustainable Procurement

A Guide to Responsible Project Management

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Resilience Shift: City Water Resilience Approach

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The Role of Public Policy in Critical Infrastructure Resilience

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Audit insights on construction: bidding for lasting value, delivering for success

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Project management for large, complex projects

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationCommercial ManagementDelivery/execution strategyLeadershipPeople StrategyProcurement, Law & supply chain managementProgramme ControlsProject & Programme ManagementProject Initiation & DevelopmentRisk managementStrategic discussionSustainability

Creating Strategic Value through Transformational Programs and Projects

Resource / Alignment & CollaborationBusiness caseDelivery/execution strategyLeadershipRisk managementSocial Sustainability

The Business Case: A Study of Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Action

Resource / Culture, Values & EngagementLeadershipOrganisational Development

Moorhouse Barometer on Change 2018-19

Resource / Leadership

Project leadership: skills, behaviours, knowledge and values

Resource / Law & ContractsRisk managementStrategic discussionSustainabilitySustainable Procurement

Alliancing Best Practice in Infrastructure Delivery

Resource / GovernanceInfrastructure ManagementStrategic discussionSupply chain managementSustainable Procurement

From Transactions to Enterprises: a new approach to delivering high-performing infrastructure

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Infrastructure Cost Review